An ice bath is a cold water immersion therapy where the body is  submerged in cold water, typically between 5-15 degrees Celsius. The  Dope specialises in ice baths designed for home, gym or office use.

Cold water immersion has been scientifically proven to have a positive  impact on the body and mind, including reducing inflammation, improving  circulation, and increasing the release of endorphins and dopamine.

It is recommended to start with short immersion times of as little as 30  seconds and gradually increase the time as your body adapts. It is  important to listen to your body and never push yourself beyond your  comfort level. 

Cold water immersion is generally safe for most people, but it is  important to check with a healthcare professional before starting if you  have any medical conditions or concerns.

It is recommended to start with 1-2 sessions per week and gradually  increase as your body adapts. It is important to listen to your body and not  overdo it.

The Dope ice baths are easy to set up and can be done in any home or  gym. Instructions are supplied with each bath. The larger cold tub can be  set up in under 15min! You can watch videos on how to install here. Setting up your Iceberger Tub

The Dope offers a range of accessories to enhance the cold water  immersion experience, including water absorbent mats, protective mats,  water cleaning kits and towels. 

Due to hygiene reasons, we can’t accept any returns on tubs that have  been used, however if the product hasn’t been used, simply get in touch  with us at returns@thedope.com.au within 30 days of the delivery date and  we will walk you through it.

Yes and no. The fully automated Iceberger comes with a lid that fits quite tight over the tub. This has a thermo layer to help maintain water temp but is mostly there to keep particles out.

The Chill Bill ice tub doesn't include a lid. As this water is stagnant we recommend changing the water over every few days to keep it fresh. And whatever you do - don't pee in the tub!!

We will generally dispatch your order then next business day. From there - the current shipping times are as pictured.

How long will shipping take?

Yes! All orders will be tracked using our software that will keep you up to date all on product movements. Any issues or questions just shoot us an email at info@thedope.com.au

This tells us that there is a flow issue and we need to either clear the system or push an air bubble out of the lines.
Try this:

1) clean the hairnet filter. This is located inside the cylindrical metal housing that attaches to the Chiller INLET. With the machine off - unscrew it, take it to a tap and clear the debris using your hands and flowing water. Then reassemble.

2) check the filter on the side of the Chiller. With the machine off - unscrew the clear filter housing on the side of the Chiller. Change the filter if it looks blocked. If not - fill the clear housing up with water to the brim with the filter still inside. Now reattach to the Chiller using hands only to tighten. Don’t use tools.

3) check the valves connected to the tub are both in the open.

4) fill the tub to the MAX line with water.

5) start the chiller again and leave for 15min to Self prime.

If the issue still happens, please film a 30second video of the chiller running making sure to include the screen so we can see what is displayed, then the water flowing into the tub, then the water flushing through the clear filter housing.
Send this through and we can further diagnose the issue.

Just for peace of mind - if we can’t rectify the problem through trouble shooting - we will other send out a tech to repair the Chiller or swap it over for a new one within the 16month warranty period!

The particulate filter on the side of the chiller should be changed at least once a month. Depending on whether the tub is installed indoors/outdoors and how clean you are keeping the water, this may vary. If you notice the flow rate start to drop below 15L/min, that is a sign you need to change it up.

How to change your filter

This is the hair net. It doesn’t matter how little hair you have - you’ll be surprised by how much hair this filter can catch! We recommend cleaning it by running it under a tap every week. 

If your chiller is displaying a ‘FL’ or stuck on ‘Y2’ or the chiller is attempting to prime but won’t kick in - this means there is a flow issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes this is caused by a small pocket of air in the system that we need to help flush out. 99% of the time the solution is something very simple. Make sure you take the time to try each step and observe the water flow and chiller screen each time. 

Try the following steps making sure you turn the chiller on after each one so you can identify the cause. 

Step 1: First thing you should do is to make sure water in the tub is filled just above the water outlet hole.

Step 2: Check that the valves on the end of hoses are completely opened by pushing the blue nozzle in line with the hose connections. 

Step 3: Check the hoses and connections are clear of any debris and are done up nice and tight. Do not use tools to tighten.

Step 4: Make sure to check the hairnet filter is clear of any debris. It is located on the rear side of the chiller and inside of the larger metal cylinder. Undscrew this cylinder to gain access to it. The metal filter also unscrews out and can be cleaned by running under water. We recommend doing this once a week.

Step 5: On the left side of the chiller be sure to check that the 20 micron filter is clean and the clear cup is full of water. Without any water inside, the machine will not be able to reach priming stage. If it’s not full, unscrew it, fill it with water with the filter still inside and re-attach. 

Step 6: to rule out any software issues try pressing and holding both the function & settings button at the same time. 

Step 7: try resetting the factory settings by turning the chiller on, now long press the ‘down’ button until you hear a beep. Turn the chiller off and back on again.

Step 8: to rule out the valves being faulty - turn the valves to the off position. Now disconnect the hoses from the back of the tub and place them submerged in the tub.

If chiller runs like this. We will need to send you replacement valves. 

Step 7: if you’ve tried all of the above, it’s time to check the one way valve inside the chillers outlet port. 

This valve will stop flow completely if it’s stuck in the closed position and you’ll notice no bubbles are entering the tub when you’re trying to prime the chiller.
Close the valves on the back of the tub by turning them perpendicular to the hose line. 
Unscrew the hose from the chiller outlet port. You’ll see a white ‘+’. Find something small to press the centre of that ‘+’ and listen for a click. If you hear a click - then it’s likely the valve was stuck and everything should be ok. 
If you’re still having trouble please reach out to support@thedope.com.au

To drain the tub, close the valve on the lowest hose on the tub. 

Then disconnect that hose from the chiller. 

Direct the hose where you want the water to go then open the valve to drain. 

There will be a little water left in the tub once it’s drained that you tip out by lifting the tub up.

You need an app in order to set up the timer. You can use either Tuya app or Smartlife.

It depends on a few things like the location of the setup, sun/shade, local tap water temp etc.  

It may take up to 4-5 hrs to initially chill the water with it being summer, but once it’s down to 10deg - it won’t heat back up to the ambient temp again.

If you’re not using our cleaning kit to maintain the water quality in the tub, We recommend changing the water over every time you change the particulate filter on the side of the chiller over every 4weeks give or take if using 3x a week.

Yes hoses are included, Would just need to make sure you keep one hose at the bottom of the water and one at the top of the water so that it isn't just sucking up the same cold water over and over.

We recommended running the chiller for at least 4hrs/day for cleanliness.

Best advice is to always clean the hairnet filter once a week. 

⁠If not using the cleaning kit, change the water over every 3-4weeks or if the water feels a little slimy. Let the tub dry completely before refilling  

 If you are using the cleaning kit, do the same up to every 12 weeks ⁠change the filter on the side every 3-4 weeks or if the filter turns a dark brown. 

 We recommend running the chiller a minimum 4hrs per day to circulate the water. 

For the best working efficiency, set the chiller up in the shade. 

 ⁠Always rinse off before hopping in to clean off sweat and moisturizers. 

Scoop out any foreign particles you see floating in the tub.

It is fine to have the chiller plugged into an extension board. But try not to overload with too many devices.

The stages of Ozone range from 0-3. Stag 0 being off, stage 1 being lowest, running for 3 minutes and stage 3 being highest, running for 10 minutes.

And Ozone runs every time when the chiller turns on.

The chiller is 0.8hp which is quite big compared to most domestic chillers, however chilling multiple tubs will reduce the cooling time too much. The tubs hold approx. 320L. If you want to filter larger bodies of water you’d want a chiller 2.0hp or more.

FO means that there is a water pump fault which is a very rare type of problem.

The chill bill doesn’t have the correct fittings for the hoses to connect to. It requires an inlet and outlet where the Chill Bill only has a drainage point.

The fan will stay on until you are happy with the temp and switch it off. Or you can set a timing control and will shut off automatically. It is normal for the error message to pop up in the first 5 to 10 seconds. This message means that the chiller is priming.

A standard GPO will suffice however it draws 1750w so it’s a good idea to check what else is running on that circuit to ensure it does overdraw. Any other heating components will draw the most like toasters, heaters, microwaves, dryers etc.

They are very simple to assemble. Even easier than an ikea set however they will require 2 people as the glass is 8mm thick it can be quite heavy especially if you’re taking it up stairs. Admittedly as it’s a new product the supplied instructions aren’t as clear as we’d like which is why we’re currently re-doing them. 

We can provide full phone support the entire process to make sure you’re comfortable from start to finish.

It can be but we don't have the connections for this. You will just have to sit the hoses in the bath.

Sauna doesn’t connect to an app. It is turned on manually.