Why do we choose to do difficult things?

Why do we choose to do difficult things?

Feb 07, 2024Andrew Pap

Why choose to do difficult things?

Because without them we don’t grow. Change requires challenge. Without a signal or stimulus we have no reason to adapt. No reason to become strong, to build grit or confidence. Leaving us helpless to not if but WHEN life inflicts hardship within our lives.

We must build ourselves a robust and impenetrable fortress that can withstand this journey that is life. Otherwise we will be carried away with every downturn and even develop affinity with identifying ourselves as someone who isn’t strong, courageous or determined. These are the traits that will forge not only you to be your best self but more importantly be better for the people around you!

Typically the solution to solving many of our anxieties is whatever we've been avoiding. Deciding to lean in and face it front on will be less painful compared to it lingering in our minds for months or even years!

Voluntarily exposing ourselves to difficult stressors prepares us to only deal with hardship but also the confidence to confront things that we've been avoiding. This year is ours to make our own. Keep doing what's difficult as it shows how strong you truly are and give unexpectedly a new found appreciation for the simple things that we always take for granted.

Better to be challenged everyday, than to live a life sentence of wondering how powerful we can truly become.


Andrew Pap - Dope Founder

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