Glenn - PTSD and Cold Plunging

Glenn - PTSD and Cold Plunging

Feb 07, 2024Matt Wilson

Below we hear from one of our legendary customers Glenn who purchased his Iceberger Cold Plunge in 2023. 
Thanks Glenn, you rock!

I have had my The Dope ice bath for about a year now. I live with PTSD and after researching the benefits of cold plunging purchased mine to use as a tool to help manage my mental health. Yes, you get a release of feel good chemicals after you get out, but, for me, the real value in it is the development of mental resilience. Cold plunging every day is hard, you face the struggle of wanting to quit even before you get in. You have to wrestle with your mind every time you get in as every fibre of your being is screaming to get out. But as the saying goes; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and the rest of the day just seems that little bit easier after a cold plunge. My life has certainly improved since using the cold plunge as part of my mental health management.


Have had nothing but excellent customer service since buying my unit. The unit itself is awesome, sturdy in design, easy to operate and easy to clean. Can’t recommend the guys from thedopehq highly enough. Stop procrastinating, take the plunge, pun intended and get your self into one. You will not regret it.

Glenn Cairns

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